Different Sentiments Attached To Jhadu In India

Posted by Admin on January, 13, 2024

Superstitions surrounding our lives might be a big turn-off for the present generation. However, they are slightly deeper and may reveal reasons deeply ingrained. Jhadu is considered something not just useful but of relevance in every Indian household. If we accidentally touch a broom with our feet, our elders say, it is not right. They say jhadu is an embodiment of Lakshmi. Just doing the common chores of taking away dregs and dust, is supposed to bring wealth. So do not dishonor it. So next time you contact a jhadu manufacturer to buy one, consider its qualities and sentiments attached.

The religious significance and Usefulness of Jhadu- Broom
Besides being an essential tool for daily cleaning, a jhadu also has a religious significance. In Jainism, monks and nuns keep a broom with them to keep insects and animals from their paths as they walk.
It prevents killing them unconsciously and is considered an act of non-violence.

Goddess ‘Sheetala’ worshiped in Buddhism, Hinduism and some tribal cultures has a broom in her right hand. She is a goddess associated with a smooth transition of seasons and prosperity.
In some traditions, brooms are used by ‘Tantric healers’ to cure psychic problems. This can be said that brooms has the symbolism of warding off mental dirt.

Sacred utility of Jhadu

A broom also holds a sacred utility in Indian households. In rural India, a lady of the house picks up a jhadu at the break of the dawn, to clean the courtyard and the doorway. Hence, it is regarded as feminine and often associated with the ‘Goddess of wealth’.

Varieties offered by leading Jhadu Manufacturers:

For such a simple object broom- a jhadu, manufacturers have come up with more than a hundred varieties. They are utilizing different plant species and manufacturing processes found vernacularly. India has many jhadu manufacturers and each one has their long-established methods of making brooms. They maintain nature’s essence and let the plants live in harmony with their surroundings by valuing, preserving, and using wild forest resources to their benefit.

They are using several wasteland species and seasonal grasses for making brooms. In some regions, waste of harvest, hay, straw, fine twigs, and plant leaves are also used to make this piece of sentiment at any Indian family.

What are the benefits of grass broom?

•Clean finest particles & produce no residue

•Available in different sizes like 2 ft, 4 ft

•Eco-friendly & biodegradable

•Lightweight, yet strong

Tips to buy jhadu from leading manufacturers:

If you are planning to buy a jhadu, first consider your usage. A variety of brooms are available made of hay, grass, straws, etc. So, you can think about grass brooms as they are eco-friendly and cost-effective. For the inside of the house, grass brooms are good. If you want to clean the courtyards or porch, then hay brooms are best.

These days, synthetic brooms or jhadu are also available. These are made of synthetic fibers and come with a longer life. So consider buying only after following these tips.

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